So I have an odd shaped lot - almost like a right triangle or a slice of pizza.  Let me tell you, it's not easy to figure out what to do with it.Flying Wedge And to make it even more interesting, the house is placed a bit oddly on the lot.  It's a bit close to the street out front. My "Stickfigure" Layout of the house on the lot So I have an added challenge there.  I'm actually planning to make it work to my advantage since when I'm done  with the landscape there won't be any lawn in the front.  Why bother mowing 4 1/2 feet of grass?  That's how much space there is between the crepe myrtles and the walkway from the carport to the front door.  I can replace that with shrubbery and flowerbeds.  It will look better that what we have now.  The area between the house, carport, trees and crepe myrtles doesn't get enough sun for grass to survive. So if you have an area that's really too small to mow, consider replacing it.  You can replace with other types of plantings like ground covers, flowers, bushes, decorative grasses or even a path or patio.