Old Steel PlumbingSo DHB opened up the floor and found a lot of extra steel pipes still run all over under the house.  He started removing those last night to clear out the ancient history and to make sure that we're not trying run around something we no longer need.  It will save time and materials once Ethan the plumber shows up to help us. Long and short is that we need to get this ancient crap out of the way so we can do things in a more modern manner. Our plumbing manifolds are already paying off in time saved doing the existing runs.   And boy does the double carbon filter make a huge difference in bathing and making coffee or tea. Even the puppies seem to like their filtered water better.
Double Carbon Water Filters

These are the two carbon water filters we installed in series. Honestly, we'll use the first filter later as a sediment filter. We've teed off the main water inlet, dividing out water into filtered (for inside the house) and unfiltered (for outside the house - and the toilets).

We got the filters at Walmart as a kit. (We bought two of them) While the installation isn't trivial its not difficult. You need a day when you can shut the water to the house off. Most people would simply put it in line and be done. However we didn't want to filter water to the toilets. We just didn't see a good reason to filter something just to pee in it. Nor did we want to filter the outside water to the garden hoses. So we designed 3 manifolds. One is for unfiltered water. One is for hot water and one for cold filtered water.