Many of you will be familiar with our reviews of the Pennsylvania Traditions Laminate Flooring. Well it looks like we're finally be replacing it. It's obviously all done in by water - and, given that it's essentially some pressboard wiht a pretty picture on it, once the water really started soaking in, well... you can see it in the picture below.image Now, to be perfectly honest, this flooring has stood up to some wear and water far beyond what it should have, given the price. And, quite frankly, we certainly got our money's worth out of it. But, it's dead. But why? Well, it's not from normal water splashing out of the shower/tub or the commode. Nope. Not at all. You see, we had the house leveled last winter (see our prior post) and when they raised the floor, it somehow broke the wax seal on our toilet flange which caused the toilet to leak into the laminate. Now, of course that's not something you notice right away. Nope. Nosireebobarooni. Not right away. In fact, we didn't know about it until the laminate started swelling up. Luckily, our plumber (Ethan - see prior posts) was under the house helping me install the pex plumbing with our manifold system and he identified the issue. So.... DearHunnyBunny has yet another project to add to the DearHunnyBunny list. <sigh>