First lets look at where we started....  A child's bedroom with a very strange closet situation.  Most of the closet had been taken over by AC ductwork.... Where we are now....  Gutted to the studs... waiting for new windows...  Less creepy crawlies....  Have to get into the walls on the outside.  The MO-RONS who did the siding should be harmed for putting plywood up against soil in an area known to have termites.  So now we'll be working our way down the back of the house removing all the skirting and fixing the damage.  Unfortunately, unlike the front of the house, the little buggers in the back got up into the attic :/  Which means we're actually replacing structural parts of the wall in order to make the repairs.  Why?  Because some cheap, penny-wise and dollar stupid in-DUH-vidual decided that burying plywood all around the bottom of the house was a grand idea.