I didn't want to spend a few hundred bucks on a Dremel rotary tool so I got one of these to help me clean up all the light fixtures and hardware.  It's variable speed and it has the flexible drive cable extension. When you're contorting yourself to reach into some of the nooks and crannies on light fixtures, the cable drive helps more than you would think. It's really nice not to have to maneuver the entire tool into such tight spaces. It also makes it a lot nicer to use since you don't have to hold the main part the whole time, just the working head. It's been working hard now for quite some time. mostly scrubbing, polishing and buffing. It's had quite some hours of use and it's doing quite well. I found the contents of the kit to be mostly quite useful. Some were, at least for me, redundant. I have a much better pair of needle nosed pliers than the ones in the kit. Your mileage on this may vary considerably. I'll be posting more on my favorite attachments later.