SPANK of America - That's my "pet" NAME FOR Bank OF America.  Anyone who's ever had their account be overdrawn by more than 47 cents understands why I call them Spank of America.  That said they are awfully convienent. Their latest set of shenannigans though, has put them beyond the pale and it has me searching for a new, small, local bank.  First off, the released an updated version of their app on the Android market.  It records all of your contacs.  MY BANK STOLE MY CONTACTS LIST!!!!  I know... Why didn't I READ before I installed it?  Well, it's my bank.  They have my money. ANd if I want to move money around from my phone, I kinda need to have the app.  So to all my friends, relatives, cowokers, etc. I'm  REAL sorry...  You see, I just ho'd ALL of you out to Bank of America for my own convienence.  I hope none of ya'll owed them ANY money.  If you did, well, they have a working phone NUMBER FOR you now.  OOPS! Why would my bank be interested IN my contacts AND their information?  Well, one friend who works FOR a collection agency suggested that it was TO try TO contact you (NOT me - ALL OF you who ARE my friends) IN CASE you ever owed them money AND didn't pay up.  We talked about and that's about the ONLY thing we can see that make sense.  It has TO be able TO make them SOME money somehow OR ELSE why bother WITH it....  That's a lot of data to store and manage when you consider the sheer number of BofA customers with the app installed.  I'm assuming that their iPhone app behaves IN a similiar heious fashion.  That means there's a pretty significant $$$ investment in man power and equipment to handle all that. The whole thing with my contacts list had me pretty angry but now, they've also decided TO start charging a monthly fee FOR ATM AND Visa CHECK card USAGE.  That's right...  You use the form payment that is cheaper FOR THEM and they bill you for doing it.  Sounds a bit like double dipping, doesn't it?  Why?  Because they can't charge merchants any more for the stuff we buy using those cards, so they now they're going TO bill ALL OF us :/  If anyone had ANY doubts about Obama's business savvy, well, this kinda proves it.  If the banks aren't getting it FROM one END, they will be FROM the other .  The merchants ARE ALL protcted thanks TO the Credit Card reform but the consumers ARE LEFT out.  I guess that's because no one of us can buy enough of the republican congress to get some CONSUMER protection.  So, Mr. Buffett, do you think that I could have a half a dozen Congressmen and a few Senators for Christmas???