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Amazon AND Peguin Publishing

Apparently Penguin Publishing is in a very great deal of trouble.  A little known-author, Kiana Davenport, is now their direct competitor because she decided to release a set of short stories on Amazon via Amazon's self-publishing service.  If one lone author WITH SOME short stories that have been gatheirng dust ON a shelf can suddenly be your direct competitor, what does that say about you AS a company?  I think that the term "hard up" probably applies. Amazon IS becoming frightening IN it's reach.  Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult for small, local book sellers (both new and used) to compete against the physical presence of many of the chain stores. Now it's  becoming increasingly difficult FOR them TO compete against sites LIKE Amazon.  WHEN a single company starts decided what you can READ - what books, magazines, AND other publications will be available TO you, that smacks OF serious censorship even if it IS unwitting OR well-intentioned. Now because a little known author decided TO captalize ON what Penguin was doing TO promote her book, she grabs SOME stuff off her shelf, dusts it off AND publishes it via Amazon.  This prompts Penguin TO sue her under a non-compete clause.  I don't think its competitive.  It's certainly NOT worth claiming a breach OF contract AND demanding the book advance back.

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