In a word, BLECH!  Save your money and buy something better.  Ok, I will say that if you want to use it in the default configuration out of the box, it's probably ok.  I, however, need something a BIT MORE complex.  I need TO ADD something that will act AS an access point AND this thing has SOME serious drawbacks.
  1. It takes forever TO power cycle this thing.  If you need TO do, it can drive TO coffee shop AND GET yourself a latte.  It might be ready WHEN you GET back.
  2. If you change the IP address you will have TO power cycle it.  I'm sorry doesn't WORK FOR me.  Otherwise you'll get a "Duplicate Administrator" error because it doesn't actually authenticate.  It just checks your IP address.  AND it will store that IP AS the ONLY "Administrator" until you power cycle the device.  That means regardless OF ANY password used.
  3. I am AT network professional AND I still can't figure how to tell this thing what it's IP IS AND what the DEFAULT gateway IS.
  4. Their SET up utility IS flaky.  Ok', I'm trying TO run IN it IN VM because I run Ubuntu (Oneric Ocelot) ON my laptop.
[DHB Here] IN ALL fairness, the belkin has been pretty good FOR us. What the SO had forgotten was something really simple - we had previously used our MAC addresses AS security verification AND, since her Laptop was still configured IN that fashion (AND a few other reasons) we needed TO CONNECT via hardwire (Cat 5e) IN order TO configure it. I, IN my infinite capacity as chief lawyer-geek AND erstwhile know-nothing, do have a criticism: I really did enjoy our previous access point's ability to only allow connections from recognized MAC addresses. When a good WEP key is placed on top of this, your access point becomes "as tight as Dick's hatband." That's not to say you can't be cracked, but if you run with a hidden name... well... it's danged difficult to hack and someone would REALLY have to want to break in. I will say that there's been a noticeable increase in speed and the increased power output has really helped our (previously pretty small, but incredibly aggravating to computer nerds) lag and speed issues. All-in-all, I'd say buy it. Just don't ask the SO to connect the darned thing at 1 am...