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Life and Times of the Old Blue House


Ok, the results are in and the blue house wins.  I find that the more I look at it, the more it grows on me.  So DHB, you will have your little blue house. So now we're ON TO the NEXT big question - do we keep the floors AND try TO WORK WITH them OR do we replace them. Carpet IS cheap AND frankly lots less WORK TO install, since we'd have someone come and do it.  However, with 4 dogs, I think wood is better choice. Carpet tends to hold on to hair and dirt and it just isn't AS easy TO clean.  (Can we say Swiffer?) The existing floors certainly can't be harmed any worse than they already are.  If we had found pristine oak or something, I might be inclined to make another choice. However, given the big patch area in the living room (right in front of the window) that has been patched with spray foam and cheap wooden wall paneling, the stained spots, and the places where it's had SOME termite damage, it's going to be quite a bit of work to rip out bits from places that we're planning TO renovate TO new uses (which will require different flooring) AND use that TO patch the damaged/missing bits. New wood floors might be easier ON DHB, since I think he's likely to get to do most of the installation.  We could largely lay them down over the existing floor and just call it a day.  However, they will not be solid wood (which the existing floors are) and they will certainly not have the patina or charm of the existing floor. All three options have their good and bad points.  You dear, reader, should feel free to tell us what you think. [polldaddy poll=4677768]


  1. I like the periwinkle and cream color. But I want to add a bright red front door…. PLEASE vote for my favorite (or I will never hear the end of it!)

  2. Well, it seems that the blue and cream gets to stay. I have to say that it’s grown ON me.

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