Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?  So in the beginning, our laundry room was just another bed room with a very odd closet and some crappy windows.
. Then came the demo where we gutted everything down to the studs. laundrydemo4 We found that the rock wool insulation they used in the walls had fallen so that only about the bottom 1/3 of the wall was actually insulated.  We also found that the critters had been happily nesting in it for quite some time.  The cellulose in the attic was so old it had apparently started decomposing.  Given that this was likely done in the 70's, having it last for 40-50 years isn't so bad.  But it has to go because it just isn't effective insulation now.  Fortunately, we're ripping the ceilings down too or we'd have to vacuum it out of the attic space (ICK!!!).  I promise you, it's bad enough when it's falling around you like a stinky dusty black blizzard.
. We also found more termite damage - mostly in the pine floors so those are gone.  We have a few spots in the sub-floor that need patching.  We're replacing the old pine planks in those areas with pressure treated plywood.  We're pretty sure that the treated wood won't be very palatable to our creepy crawly little friends.